Thursday night, get crushed: My First Earthquake is releasing a new EP, Crush at the Rickshaw Stop (9pm, $10). The EP was recorded in one day at Hyde Street Studios, and its four songs ring true to MFE’s fun, clever pop with its upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies. The EP is available for free download right now at MFE’s Bandcamp page.

In describing the sound on the EP, the band says they are drawn to Beck and Prince, “who can explore styles and timbres but still keep a recognizable sound.” They added, “two of the songs on the EP are our most stripped down, while the other two have a ton going on: multiple vocal parts, rich synth parts, and a half-drunk mariachi band, for starters.” I’m going to repeat that last part for emphasis: “a half-drunk mariachi band,” hoping that footage of this concept ends up in one of their sweet videos.

In anticipation of releasing a full-length (possibly to be funded through Kickstarter), they’re giving this EP away free to “get the karma tumbleweed rolling,” as frontwoman Rebecca Bortman describes it. You can pick up a copy of Crush at the EP release party, where they’ll be joined by The Downer Party and The Attachments.

While you’re waiting for Thursday to come around, you can also download their album Downstairs, free for this week on Bandcamp.