The Dont’s (Episode 217)

This week’s podcast showcases SF indie rock band The Dont’s, who release their third album this month, titled Those Delicate Chemicals. Longtime friends of The Bay Bridged, these guys first caught our attention with 2007’s Inner El Camino which fused a love for melodic indie pop melodies and brainy art-rock grooves. Those Delicate Chemicals isn’t just the next step for the band; it’s a big step forward, benefiting from sounding great and three years of work by guys who can equally wear the hats of meticulous craftsmen and loose improvisers. Like many of the fun-oriented bands we’ve interviewed, The Dont’s come off as a bunch of goofy guys with serious musical talents.

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We sat down with The Dont’s recently to discuss their new album. We’ve also included four songs from Those Delicate Chemicals in the episode.

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– Visit The Dont’s’ Facebook and MySpace pages.

Those Delicate Chemicals isn’t out yet, but you can buy the band’s previous albums on iTunes.

– Watch three videos from 2007’s Inner El Camino here, here, and here.