Silian Rail, By Sunlight, Ash Reiter, Devotionals @ Milk Bar 5/26/10

Tonight, 5/27/10, both Milk Bar and will host a two-fold indie explosion, featuring the below acts, free admission and $3 Trumer/Tecate/PBR.

Silian Rail – “Tituba”

Starting at 8:00 pm, Silian Rail, By Sunlight, Ash Reiter and Devotionals will play in celebration of a new 7″ release. The 7″, split by Silian Rail and By Sunlight, officially comes out this week on Side With Us Records. This show is free with RSVP.

Ash Reiter – “La Bahia” (from Daytrotter Session)

Once midnight rolls around, it will be time for the YACHT after-party succeeding the band’s set at the Independent. The party will feature a DJ set by YACHT & The Straight Gaze and a live set by Jeffrey Jerusalem (both Portland acts). This party is also free with RSVP.