Sade Sundays

Part 1

By: Joshua Rampage

As we approach mid-2010, the situation can be described as languid at best; adventures have been put on hold while I pace slowly up and down this long hallway, stirring up dust bunnies. Snoozy weather and sinus infections have the weird ability to cull the right kind of music for the moment, and I’ve been submerged in hazy ambiance ever since Die Antwoord depleted all of the serotonin in my brain with their impeccable taste. I’ve since grown comfortable within these walls of soft interiors. Set adrift in the haunted depths of The Caretaker, I’ve made myself at home in room 237. (YouTube video features the art of Andrei Polushkin).

Mike doesn’t care for rhythm-based music any more than I give a shit about the genre Americana. He says “BE A PATRIOT” and bangs the steering wheel like a dictator would his fist against a podium. I say, “I’m moving to Switzerland to go skiing and eat chocolate.”

I suggested that Flying Lotus is picking up where a long-forgotten DJ Shadow left off. The sampled textures are even dustier and the layers of poly-rhythms make me think of elephants dancing with their trunks, swaying in a way that makes people want to bounce their shoulders. Flying Lotus’ new album, Cosmogramma, hurtles into an electronic oblivion, creating new constellations with its staggered production.

Flying Lotus – “Do the Astral Plane”

Part 2

By: Michael Tapscott

The album art is ridiculous, the “found” sounds are the same as they were six years ago, and perhaps the joke is still on us. CocoRosie, congratulations: you made another good album.

CocoRosie – “Lemonade”

As I become re-acquainted with the long, lost friend that Josh scared me off of years ago (it’s a plant, dude), I only see myself as a fly on the wall, or better yet, like GOD in the sky. And what does GOD the bug see? He sees Michael repeatedly watching Randy Newman YouTube videos of a concert with the Rotterdam Philharmonic from 1979.

See, it’s not that the two of us can’t have fun anymore Joshua, but it’s all so serious now. These decisions that we make have lasting impressions on the quality of our shriveled 70 year old bodies. You should be tired friend, you should be listening to ambient music. What daily use do you find for Flying Lotus anyway?

Men as brilliant as us should not have been expected to take an uncomplicated path. Next month, more drinks, more pictures, no other obligations. Deal?

As evidenced below, we took some pictures to commemorate this opaque portion of the season:

They had a “fishburger” on the menu and we agreed this would ultimately induce stomach pain the likes of which neither of us had ever experienced.

An old man sitting outside of gateway liquors told Josh that he had a pretty shirt on, but  we had Modelos to drink so we didn’t waste any time explaining to him that it was a jacket.

There are people playing baseball way off in the distance of this picture. Just when it seemed the pickup baseball game was a thing of a bygone era.

Exploring the largest indoor/outdoor flea market in Oakland.

Marinating in Mike’s backyard.

That is a bad habit. You really need to finish that in the bathroom.

Vaya con dios, mi amigo.