924 Gilman
Photo via kxlly

924 Gilman has been serving the Bay Area as an all-ages, DIY arts and music space since 1986. An incredible roster of bands have played at 924 Gilman since its inception, including (but not limited to): Green Day, Fugazi, the Offspring, GWAR, Tiger Army, NOFX, Operation Ivy, Jawbreaker, and Rancid (more acts here).

The organization is more than just a space in West Berkeley with a punk aesthetic; 924 Gilman is a historic space that serves to promote community through the cross-section of local music and art.

Up until recently, the folks behind 924 Gilman have been paying around $4,000 a month to keep the magic going (a.k.a. rent), an amount that they barely managed to meet on a monthly basis as it was. Starting July 1st, the rent will increase to $7,000 a month. It goes without saying that this rent increase could be what forces 924 Gilman to completely shut down.

Want to help? You can start by donating to 924 Gilman. $25 or more will get you a Gilman T-shirt or tote bag, and will help aid the venue in staying afloat.

Additionally, the people behind Gilman are attempting to transition into a certifiable non-profit organization (as opposed to their current status as a not-for-profit), which could help their eligibility for grants and other funding sources. Therefore, any non-profit and/or industry advice and knowledge would be helpful in addition to monetary donations.

More background on the issues faced by 924 Gilman can be found on SF Gate and the East Bay Express.