The twists and jolts in this new noir mystery for Tempo No Tempo‘s “Pole Position” may induce some motion sickness, but if you turn it off, you won’t find out where they end up! Not only did these three take the long route back from Austin, TX, but they can’t seem to stay home for very long these days. Starting with the Hemlock tonight, they’re headed out for a few dates with Dinowalrus (NY):

April 27th – Hemlock Tavern, SF: Ingot Rot (Tussle side project)
April 28th – Biko House: Santa Barbara, CA
April 29th – The Smell, LA: Foot Village, Signals, Ezra (Gowns), Railcars DJ set
April 30th – Che Cafe, San Diego: Da Bears, Endless Bummer
May 1st – East LA: FMLY Bike Ride with Slang Chickens
May 2nd – Crepe Place, Santa Cruz: Green Flash
May 3rd – 21 Grand, Oakland: The Splinters, Nymph