[audio:http://www.parksandrecords.com/assets/01%20pyrrihic%20victory.mp3] The Rum Diary – “Pyrrhic Victory” (from Retrospective 2000 – 2007)

Parks and Records recently announced the upcoming release of Retrospective 2000 – 2007, which collects a variety of favorite and unreleased tracks from the much-loved, now-disbanded The Rum Diary.

Says the label:

Nobody ever expected a lightning strike of muse-tapped creative genius of such epic proportions as this to touch down in a NoCal cowtown with more taverns than stoplights. Yet the four university students, whose innocuous latenight postpub jam session would result in a band like no other anytime anyplace before, tapped said aforementioned muse and absorbed said bolt with nary a singed hair, and so the Cotati Sound Machine was born. Take a hearty stock of of rhythm (as in TWO rhythm sections), add a liberal dose of dreampop-postrock guitar (a la Mogwai or Three Mile Pilot), drizzle in a tincture of emocore (of the ethereal harmony variety) and voila! you’ve got the formula for what ails ya.

The CD’s available May 1, and pre-orders get to choose a free CD from either The Rum Diary or Shuteye Unison, which features TRD’s Daniel Mckenzie and Jon Fee.