Every few weeks comes the necessary roundup of recent media from Bay Area bands. Check out this grab bag of videos from local groups.

It’s difficult to believe that LoveLikeFire are only just releasing their debut album now, given the attention and praise they’ve managed to collect within the Bay Area and beyond over the past couple of years. And yet, Tear Ourselves Away officially comes out in the US this week, as produced by Bill Racine (Mates of State, Rogue Wave) and recorded locally at Tiny Telephone. Check out the above video, from 2009, for “William,” the album’s lush, gauzy single.

Meanwhile, The Sandwitches have recovered from a stint at SxSW 2010 by releasing their first official video, for “Kiss Your Feet.” In this video, the band members find themselves in a remote cabin, in the middle of some dark and twisty horror movie-inspired situations. “Kiss Your Feet” comes from The Sandwitches’ 2009 album, How to Make Ambient Sadcake.

Stripmall Architecture continue to spread their dream pop with the recent release of a new EP, entitled Feathersongs for Factory Girls. This EP is the latest in a series of records which you can check out on the band’s Bandcamp site, and features “Radium Girls,” represented in video mode above.

Lastly, this video from Oakland band Alright Class is an intricately crafted and overall adorable visual display. “The Fall” comes from the band’s debut full-length, which is currently being tracked at New, Improved Recording and is due out this summer.