Alexander Chen of Boy in Static is taking a year away from San Francisco living and has ventured across the world to Gothenburg, Sweden; in turn, his new project Consulate General delivers his findings and observations of life overseas. Chen’s solo project is hardly a solo venture, really, as it includes collaborations with Montag, Misha, Simon Scott from Slowdive, and Ryan from Sole & the Skyrider Band.

The thirteen-track collection doesn’t exactly portray Chen as homesick, but the general lyrical topics explore fond relationships, the Swedish landscape and, of course, remain largely to the imagination. In the similar style of Boy in Static, CG songs follow violin melodies as much as they do the peckering of xylo notes, creating an electronic-fused, somber intimacy similar to Casiotone for the Painfully Alone or The Notwist. But before you sink your teeth in too far, anticipate a remix album to be released later in the year, featuring cuts by Lymbyc Systym, Blue Sky Black Death, T.H. White, The One AM Radio and others.

Look out for Person Number this Tuesday on Circle Into Square/Fake Four Inc, mastered by J. Goody of Megasonic Sound (Oakland). While you’re waiting for the album, you can also explore album-related media, and a very stimulating interactive musical web tool on the CG website.

[audio:] Consulate General – “What Time Is It Now”