[audio:https://www.thebaybridged.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/Mark-David-Ashworth-Clean-Slate.mp3] Mark David Ashworth – “Clean Slate”

In January, we blogged about San Francisco-by-way-of-Austin musician Mark David Ashworth, whose recently released second album, Bright is the Ring of Words, is full of richly orchestrated yet intimate songs. Ashworth’s CD release party is a free show happening this Saturday, April 3rd (8:30pm, free) at Kaleidoscope (24th St. and Folsom), with Mira Cook and The Beehavers .

In addition to the previously blogged “Clean Slate,” you can stream the whole album via Bandcamp:

<a href="http://markdavidashworth.bandcamp.com/album/bright-is-the-ring-of-words">Disappearing Ink by mark david ashworth</a>

Saturday’s show is part of the latest Mission Arts & Performance Project (MAPP) event. For the unaware:

The Mission Arts & Performance Project is a bi-monthly collaboration between visual artists, musicians, poets and performers. The MAPP puts art and performance on the street level by using alternative spaces such as private garages, basements, and studios. It’s a block party of the arts for inspiring in ourselves, and others, the desire for a creative existence, an ever widening experience of life.