SF duo The Ferocious Few are one of the most kinetic bands in the Bay Area, regardless of whether they’re performing at a club or on a street corner. I’m not exactly sure where they get their energy, or how they sustain it. Right before the band started playing at the Bay Area Takeover, for example, Francisco mentioned that they’d spent the previous day playing for eight hours on Austin’s streets. That drive is an indicator both of the duo’s commitment to getting their name out there and a pure love of performance that comes through in every set.

But all of that enthusiasm would be simply novelty if the music wasn’t good, and thankfully for The Ferocious Few, it is good. Really good. Birdman Records recently posted a full stream of Juices, the band’s new album, which comes out on April 13th. If you like raw and catchy rock and roll, with elements of folk and blues as well, you should definitely check this album out below.

True to form, the band has a number of shows coming up, but the official Juices release party is on Saturday, April 17th at Cafe Du Nord (9:30pm, $15), with Holly Golightly & The Broke-Offs and Hudson Bell.