[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Mantles_Show.mp3[/podcast] This week, our podcast features The Mantles, an SF band whose acclaimed first full length album came out last year on Siltbreeze. The Mantles is a wonderfully indefinable record. The album draws from strains of classic psych, pop and proto-punk, blending them into a hazy batch of great songs, including some perfect pop nuggets like “Don’t Lie”. The group’s also released some singles, all long since sold out, and they recently entered the studio to work on a new EP. Beyond the music, The Mantles are a goofy, extremely funny group of longtime friends, making for a really enjoyable interview and a great episode.

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We sat down with the band earlier this year, chatting about their origins and their plans for new recordings. In addition to the conversation, we’ve also got four great songs from the band’s catalog in the episode (“Don’t Lie”, “Burden”, “Look Away” and “Bad Design”).

Upcoming Shows:

The Mantles will be playing a bunch of shows during South by Southwest. You can see all of those dates at their MySpace page.

Friday, April 16th
Pissed Off Pete’s
with Spencey Dude & the Doodles and Sleepy Beach
8pm, $tba


– Visit The Mantles on MySpace and Facebook.

– Purchase The Mantles from Siltbreeze and on iTunes.