Written by: Maris Kaplan
Photos by: Irja Elisa

Although named Amnesia, the small San Francisco bar offered an unforgettable night of music last Thursday evening with performances from three majorly reputable San Francisco and East Bay acts: Magic Bullets, the Splinters, and Hunx and His Punkettes.

A packed house crowded in under the dim red lights from the very first song of Magic Bullets, called “Kick.” Between hip swinging and hair tossing, the crowd was thanked and points were scored for the use of the word “stoked” in regards to how they felt about being there. Vocal stylings pleasantly reminded one of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis or the Smiths’ own Morrissey, but with a notably happier flair. Landon, the fill-in drummer for the evening, kept the bouncing beat going for a set that was as finely crafted as it was energetic.

The Splinters were up next, and beaming with pride for their record release took a quick moment for pre-set group hug. The space was temporarily turned into a retro garage as Courtney, Caroline, Lauren, and Ashley powered through more than half a dozen songs tinged at varying times with punk, du-wop, and Stones-esque rock. The tambourine flew and and heads bopped for tracks like “Mysterious” and “Brass.” Their album, Kick will be officially released Tuesday on Oakland label Double Negative.

Capping off the evening was Hunx and His Punks, featuring a frontman donning a fez and transparent longjohn number and a support team wearing bathrobes and associated accessories. True talent shone through the facade of hair curlers and face masks though as back-and-forth vocals, sixties pop guitar, and catchy keys married fabulously bratty lyrics for songs like “Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love” and “You Don’t Like Rock and Roll.” The set included a new track titled “If You’re Not Here” as well an entertaining dose of crotch grabbing, bird flipping, and crowd chiding — a performance certainly worthy of a much larger stage.

Magic Bullets

The Splinters

Hunx and His Punx