The bells and whistles of the Noise Pop festival manage to thoroughly round out the week’s events and provide a satisfying respite from the standard mix of concerts. Case in point: Pop N’ Shop, which took place this year on Saturday at the Verdi Club. Pop N’ Shop was set up this year to feature over 40 Bay Area designers, artists, jewelry-makers, poets, crafters, etc. selling their wares, keeping consumption local and creating an unhurried social environment.

The place was packed, and the vibe was very relaxed and friendly. The folks selling their items were lined up and down within any available space of the Verdi Club, featuring items like bowls made out of vinyl records, handmade wallets, knitted gloves and shirts adorned with hand-drawn designs.

Overall, the crowd was eager to check out what these local vendors had to offer, and the vendors themselves were happy to be involved and to make connections with anyone and everyone around them. Among tons of great music, film and art, Pop N’ Shop is yet another example of Noise Pop’s community-minded practices.