[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/200th_Show.mp3[/podcast] Obviously the title’s more than a bit facetious, but we did want to do something a little special to celebrate the 200th episode of our weekly Bay Bridged podcast. For this week’s show, we each picked four artists featured on past podcasts (one for each year of the show) and discussed some memorable behind-the-scenes highlights, including tales of excessive drinking, awkward conversation, and equipment failures.

On a serious note, we’d like to thank all of the listeners who’ve made doing the show so rewarding. Thank you also for indulging us in this silly look back at the last four years. As noted in the episode, we’ll be back to normal next week with a Noise Pop preview mix, and we’ve got a bunch of great interviews ready to air in future shows.

About the bands:

Moggs – “Interglacial Marriages” (from The White Belt Is Not Enough). Featured on Episode 2 of our podcast. (Be advised that our early podcast episodes are of a disturbingly poor quality.)

The Herms – “Power Joystick” (from Record Machine). Featured on Episode 24 of our podcast. (Same disclaimer as above.)

Von Iva – “Lala” (from Our Own Island). Featured on Episode 84 of our podcast.

60 Watt Kid – “Every Day” (from 60 Watt Kid). Featured on Episode 94 of our podcast.

Bart Davenport – “Jon Jon” (from Palaces). Featured on Episode 131 of our podcast.

The Mommyheads – “Work” (from You’re Not A Dream). Featured on Episode 132 of our podcast.

Sholi – “Any Other God” (from Sholi). Featured on Episode 152 of our podcast.

Thee Oh Sees – “I Was Denied” (demo from Warm Slime). Featured on Episode 172 of our podcast.