Since its inception, the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls has spread beyond its Portland roots, expanding into regional camps in Austin, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Sweden, Canada, and many more. The concept behind the Girls Rock Camps is simple, and entirely necessary: girls ages 8-18 come together and attend honest-to-goodness Rock and Roll Summer Camps, where they learn to play instruments and make music together. A supportive and dynamic environment is created by a staff of enthusiastic female volunteers, and together, a new community of creativity and self-confidence is born.

The Bay Area Girls Rock Camp opened doors in the summer of 2008, and continued its success in 2009 through the opening of an after-school program and another set of summer camps. The 2010 girls camps have been scheduled (June 21st – 25th and July 12th – 16th; more info on the website), and 2009 also saw the inaugural Bay Area Ladies Rock Camp, taking place in May and capping off with a performance at the Starry Plough.

The Ladies Rock Camps exist as both an opportunity for women to participate in the Rock Camp experience, and as a fundraiser for the equivalent regional Girls Camps. This year’s Bay Area Ladies Rock Camp is set to take place April 9th – 11th at the Oakland School for the Arts, and will involve the standard instrument instruction, band formation, workshops and live showcase to top off the whole experience. All women ages 19 and older are allowed, and no previous instrumental experience is necessary. Tuition for the weekend is $400 (food included, plus other perks), and gift certificates are available.

Find out more info and register for Ladies Rock Camp by visiting the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp website.