Tonight’s bill at the Hemlock Tavern (9 pm, $5) will include two Bay Area standbys, plus some San Diego music thrown in for good measure. Worker Bee will be joined by Silian Rail, and that sunny city down south will be represented by Boomsnake (currently on a West Coast tour).

[audio:] Silian Rail – “‘I’ is Sombody Else”

Worker Bee have been playing on and off in the Bay Area since 2006, culling music into EP form and strengthening their craft along the way. Their haunting lo-fi has echoes of post-rock on songs from Tangler, the band’s 2009 full-length debut, which you can listen to and purchase by visiting Worker Bee’s Bandcamp site. The energetic two-piece known as Silian Rail continue to support the wonderfully intricate And I You, to Pieces, which is out now via 500 Records – a worthy excuse to make the trek out to Polk St. and indulge in the cozy atmosphere of the Hemlock.