At the very least, the SF Winter Music Festival (January 29th through February 4th) is a primer to the impending festivities of Noise Pop 2010. From a broader perspective, however, the Winter Music Fest is a well-rounded and admirable tribute to our local music scene, in its own right. The festival, presented by SF Indie Fest and Talking House Records, gathers a myriad of excellent Bay Area bands and showcases them over the course of seven days and eleven shows.

The Winter Music Festival is a new development, set up as the preemptive musical half of the 12th annual SF Independent Film Fest, which starts on February 4th and runs through February 18th. Before experiencing the film side of the spectrum, the Winter Music Fest will present several genres of Bay Area music from a total of 43 bands: from string metal (Judgement Day), to noir-rock (Rykarda Parasol), to bluesy folk (Two Sheds), to alt-pop (The Hot Toddies), and every other band in between (such as Luke Franks or the Federalists, Grand Lake, Tempo No Tempo, Dave Smallen, Evacuee, the Stone Foxes, the Downer Party, and many more).

The festival kicks off on January 29th at Bottom of the Hill, and will feature shows at BOTH, Thee Parkside and the DNA Lounge until February 4th. You can view the schedule and performers after the jump, and purchase tickets over at the SF Indie Fest website.

[audio:] Two Sheds – “You”

[audio:] Grand Lake – “Concrete Blonde on Blonde”

[audio:] Tempo No Tempo – “Kilometer”

Friday, January 29

Bottom of the Hill – 8:00pm
Rykarda Parasol
Dave Smallen
The Trophy Fire
The Action Design

Saturday, January 30

Bottom of the Hill – 8:00pm
The Hot Moon
Judgement Day

Thee Parkside – 1:00pm (All Ages Show)
Fever Charm
Lou Lou and the Guitar Fish
Finish Ticket
Emily’s Amy

Thee Parkside – 8:00pm
The Soft White Sixties
Bird By Bird
The Stone Foxes

Sunday, January 31

Thee Parkside – 8:00pm
Kelly McFarling
Daniel James
Bhi Bhiman
Eric McFadden

Monday, February 1

Bottom of the Hill – 8:00pm
Scene of Action
Luke Franks Or The Federalists
The Hundred Days
Please Do Not Fight

Thee Parkside – 8:00pm
Tom Jonesing
The Goldenhearts

Tuesday, February 2

Thee Parkside – 8:00pm
Fake Your Own Death
Two Sheds
Grand Lake

Wednesday, February 3

Bottom of the Hill – 8:00pm
Fighting the Villain
Tempo No Tempo
The Hot Toddies
The Downer Party

Thee Parkside – 8:00pm
Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits
Switchblade Riot
The Struts

Thursday, February 4

DNA Lounge – 9:00pm
Smash Up Derby
Kid Beyond