[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/That_Ghost_Show.mp3[/podcast] This week, we’re pleased to bring you a podcast featuring That Ghost, the solo project of Sonoma County’s Ryan Schmale. 2008’s Young Fridays introduced many to then-eighteen-year-old Schmale’s lo-fi approach to singer-songwriter pop, but it was actually the fourth That Ghost release after three self-distributed efforts. As you might suspect, Schmale’s a prolific writer and home recorder, which allows him the luxury of continued experimentation with new sounds and songs, including his most recent release, the Get It and Get Out EP. The impression one gets from speaking with Ryan is that his creative process is a relatively isolated experience, but it befits music that’s raw, intimate and highly engaging.

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We sat down with Ryan in December, discussing his early experiments in recording and where he hopes to take his music in the future. We’ve also included four great songs from his discography in the episode (“Never Have Fun”, “Going Out When It’s Warm At Night”, “The Red Bow” and “Your Backs”).

Upcoming Shows:

That Ghost doesn’t have any upcoming dates listed, but we’ll keep you posted. You can always check That Ghost’s MySpace page for any upcoming shows.


– Visit That Ghost on MySpace and Facebook.

– Purchase Young Fridays and Get It and Get Out EP from iTunes. Young Fridays and the I Crossed Out the Options 7″ are available from twosyllable records, while the Never Have Fun 7″ is out on Transparent Records.

– Check out videos for “The Red Bow” and “Open Windows” on YouTube.