At the American Steel Building in Oakland this Friday, several local acts presented by Pretty Blue Presents (Jel, Religious Girls, Chelsea Wolfe, J. Irvin Dally) will provide live music for a free opening of the exhibit entitled Belly:

Belly is an independent exhibition of emerging artists who share a curiosity in the co-dependent relationship between the beautiful & the depraved. Introducing the works of recognizable & striving artists alike, Belly was organized from the ground up by those wishing to take full control of not only their work but also the environment in which that work is experienced. Bringing together artists, writers, musicians, & filmmakers, Belly will attempt to transform the 14,000 sqft “American Steel” building

Two of the acts are driving down from the Sacramento area — both Chelsea Wolfe and J. Irvin Dally lend to darker and delicate folk. Preview the most recent music J. Irvin Dally on his Despistado EP:

[audio:] J. Irvin Dally – “Brasil (Adelir de Carli”