Beatbeat Whisper
The Hotel Utah offers Beatbeat Whisper, Mia Riddle, Ari Vais and Moomaw this Friday (9pm, $6). I only wish I could offer a prediction of the evening’s air, but most every band on this bill falls under a vast spectral energy of folk and Americana. For instance, I always have filed Moomaw under reverbial psych-folk, but he just as often wears the boots of a docile melody maker when performing solo.

Regardless, it’s up to the time and place to determine how the night plays out. Another highlight of the bill includes Mia Riddle (New York) leading her outfit in anticipation of their spring 2010 album release. You can follow them through Northern California this weekend: Saturday they head to Santa Cruz’s Crepe Place, then the Blue Lamp in Sacramento. A fabulous Daytrotter session was posted last September.

[audio:] Beatbeat Whisper – “Up the Long Tracks (Daytrotter session)”