First thing’s first: Full disclosure. I used to help with Blue Rabbit‘s publicity. BUT, I assure you that I meet the criteria for a bona fide fan, i.e. going out to as many of their live shows as I possibly can, discussing them at length with other Rabbit Heads, and listening to their album obsessively.

Back in 2005, Heather Anderson, BR’s founder and general mastermind (composer, songwriter and singer/guitarist) formed the band as an experimental drums and vocal duo. Since then, the group has swelled to its current eight member count, currently comprised of drums, keys, guitar, harp (yes really- harp!), cello, violin, and- the cream on top- three gorgeous female voices. Note: as a female singer I tend to have an affinity for female vocals. That being said, I am often hyper-critical of them. But seriously, these girls can SING!!

[audio:] Blue Rabbit – “Sleep”

Their live show is mesmerizing, both sonically and visually. With so many women on stage (at one point the band had five), all dolled up in shiny vintage dresses, plucking, bowing, and strumming strings, slapping tambourines, pounding drums, the singers trading off leads and wailing out contrapuntal harmonies-its infectious. Their drummer, Kevin Weber is particularly impressive, gracefully banging out manic time signatures with clockwork precision.

Most recently, BR has been making some serious headway. Since the release of their first full-length Separate, they’ve played festivals throughout the US and Canada, and garnered some serious media buzz, including being featured on the cover of Unsigned Magazine and in Spin Earth’s “12 Singles From Rising Bands”. So what do they sound like, you ask? I’d say a cross between Feist, Bjork, Rasputina, and The Chapin Sisters. But don’t take my word for it, check out tracks off “Separate” on their MySpace page.

For more information about Or, the Whale and to hear their music head to their web site. You can also follow them on twitter at @orthewhale.