Broke Ass Stuart
People offer me all kinds of free shit. Seriously, if I accepted all of it I’d probably be dead of either cirrhosis or syphilis by now*. But one thing I never turn down is free music. I may not always listen to what’s given to me, but I always accept it. And this is exactly how I got my grubby little hands on Or, The Whale’s recent self titled album.

[audio:] Or, the Whale – “Rusty Gold”

Despite having known some of the members socially for a couple years and having interviewed them a few years ago at the Treasure Island Music Festival, I had never actually given their music a good listen (What can I say? Half the people I know are in bands). Then one night a few months ago I was at a party at Lindsay Garfield’s house (one of the singers) and she gave me a copy of the album. Being that it was a party and that I am, ahem…me, I got pretty drunk and totally forgot the album there but luckily remembered it the next day. So I hit her up on ye olde internet and got it back shortly afterwards. I’ve been listening to it ever since.

Or The Whale’s tight instrumentation and pretty harmonies are what initially drew me in, but it was the melodies and folksy lyrics that kept me putting the album on repeat. Despite that previous sentence sounding like every clichéd line about music ever, I actually mean it. The album is perfect for unwinding with beer after a long day and letting your mind wander. It also makes me wanna learn how to properly high off some jimson weed. And some Salvia too for that matter. Fuck, I thought I was past this stage in my life…..

*yes I know syphilis is curable but doesn’t it just sound so pretty coming after cirrhosis?

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