Allan Hough
This is part 1 of 3 in a Mission Mission Best of 2009 series on The Bay Bridged.

I love Eats Tapes. They are a husband-and-wife techno band based in the Mission, and I had no more musical fun in 2009 than I had at a performance of theirs at The Lab in September. Wife Marijke kicked things off by unfurling a 30-foot bedsheet and explaining to the audience via megaphone that if we’d be so kind as to hold it up, it would act as a canopy of inhibition under which we could all totally cut loose. Husband Gregg nodded in agreement, and Eats Tapes took an audience, a dancefloor, some gear, and a 30-foot bedsheet and turned it into the only place in the world. Under the canopy of inhibition, held aloft by us all, they played a bunch of songs and we all danced and drank and jumped and shouted and smiled. It was like as if Berlin threw a San Francisco-themed party in your mother’s womb and invited everyone you ever loved dancing with. I bet their wedding was spectacular.

[Full disclosure: I love Eats Tapes.]

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