Here’s the second part of our retrospective on great Bay Area albums from 2009. Read Part 1 of this collection here.

Download all 32 songs featured in these two articles here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

sonny and the sunsets tomorrow is alright
Sonny and the SunsetsTomorrow is Alright

[audio:] Sonny and the Sunsets – “Too Young To Burn”

grand lake nevermint cover
Grand LakeNevermint[audio:] Grand Lake – “She’s a Hater”

vetiver tight knit cover
VetiverTight Knit[audio:] Vetiver – “Everyday”

cryptacize mythomania cover
CryptacizeMythomania[audio:] Cryptacize – “Tail & Mane”

odawas the blue depths cover
OdawasThe Blue Depths[audio:] Odawas – “Harmless Lover’s Discourse”

still flyin album cover
Still Flyin’Never Gonna Touch the Ground[audio:] Still Flyin – “Good Thing It’s a Ghost Town Around Here”

tartufi album cover
TartufiNests of Waves and Wire[audio:] Tartufi – “Fear Of Tall Giraffes, Fear Of Some Birds”

themselves - crownsdown album cover
ThemselvesCrownsDown[audio:] Themselves – “You Ain’t It”

battlehooch piecechow
BattlehoochPiecechow[audio:] Battlehooch – “Take The L-Train”

rubies explode from the center
RubiesExplode from the Center[audio:] Rubies – “Stand in a Line”

why eskimo snow cover
Why?Eskimo Snow[audio:] Why? – “This Blackest Purse”

the mumlers dont throw me away
The MumlersDon’t Throw Me Away[audio:] The Mumlers – “Coffin Factory”

The Shape of Things cover
Man/MiracleThe Shape of Things[audio:] Man/Miracle – “Hot Sprawl”

the mantles album cover
The MantlesThe Mantles[audio:] The Mantles – “Don’t Lie”

ty segall - lemons cover
Ty SegallLemons[audio:] Ty Segall – “It #1”

Petracovich - Crepusculo
PetracovichCrepusculo[audio:] Petracovich – “Heaven Help the Day”