San Francisco metal/hardcore band Animosity has decided to throw in the towel after eight years together. The move was somewhat unsurprising; they’ve been stagnant for close to a year since their last tour, spawning rumors over the past few months regarding a break-up.

Among the rash of new-age metal bands grasping media spotlight, Animosity kept a distinct style and stayed true to the local community, while becoming a force to be recognized internationally. Since the dissolution, the members have been making their own moves, creating new tunes with groups such as drummer Navene Koperweis’ solo project Fleshrot, Navene and Tosin Abasi’s Animals As Leaders, and guitarist Chase Fraser’s Son of Aurelius.

I recently got a chance to talk to Animosity frontman Leo Miller about the break up. Here’s what he had to say:

TBB: When was Animosity formed?

LM: We got together my first year of high school in 2000.

TBB: What kind of challenges did the group face in staying together?

LM: Extreme drug and alcohol abuse on the part of certain members was the main challenge for the band. The obvious difficulties of being away from home all the time and living so closely to each other also contributed to everyone’s desire to get away from each other. It’s nothing personal, but spending that much time with the same people in such close quarters can get pretty weird. For me, I really began to feel uncomfortable in the music business. Being a part of the industry was never my goal and as time went on I realized how far its arms could stretch.

TBB: How did the local community impact the band’s career?

LM: For the first few years of the band, the local scene was our main influence and contributing to it in the best way was our biggest goal. In the early days, none of us could even drive, so setting our sites beyond the Bay Area was impractical. Since that time, San Francisco and the Bay Area have always shown us the most love and whenever we got the chance to play at home it was a proud and emotional experience.

TBB: Looking back at the band’s history, what memories will stick with you forever?

LM: Unfortunately, the way my mind works fewer and fewer will stick with me as time goes on. However, the greatest times of my life have been with the band. There really are far too many to narrow our entire career down to a few moments.

TBB: I read that you will be heading east to study the environment. What particular aspect of the environment will you be studying and why?

LM: I’m in New York now learning sustainable design and environmental studies. The specifics of my studies are yet to be determined. We are at a really interesting point in world history where understanding more about the state of the natural environment and the human impacts on it is extremely crucial in the planet’s well-being. I can’t really imagine anything else that so urgently and deeply requires my attention.