Phoenix Benefit
A benefit for Petaluma’s downtown music hall and teen center the Phoenix Theater will be held tomorrow (5:30pm, $10-12), with all proceeds to fund the venue. The lineup includes bands of the Bay Area punk and hardcore variety: Sabertooth Zombie, Alcatraz, All Teeth, Duckhunt (a one-night reunion), Murder Practice (last show), Hear the Sirens, Litany for the Whale, At Our Heels, The Farley Overdose, Diamond Grip, Try, and Infinite War.

A consistent icon in the backdrop of Petaluma’s history, the Phoenix Theater has delivered countless nights of entertainment to the area. But providing entertainment is really just a piece of the theater’s function in the local community. The theater also serves as a free medical and dental clinic, a tutor center, a music and performance school, an indoor skatepark, and operates as an integral part of the local effort to battle drug and alcohol abuse, gang violence, and produce job development.