Why Isn’t Chris von Sneidern Famous? – Trailer

Why Isn’t Chris von Sneidern Famous? is the titular question posed by a 2009 documentary showing as part of this weekend’s Cinema by the Bay festival. According to the fest:

Why do some artists garner mass adulation while others remain only cult heroes? Director Kathleen McNamara attempts to answer these questions in the aptly named, intimate portrait Why Isn’t Chris von Sneidern Famous? After hearing von Sneidern—known to his followers as CVS—perform at Mission District hotspot Bruno’s, McNamara began her quest, ultimately following CVS for four years, capturing candid and funny interviews and engaging performances. Her film doesn’t shy away from the poignant questions of offstage life, as CVS confronts middle age and attempts to reconcile his current station with the grand visions he and others continue to hold for him, even as dreams of rock and roll stardom begin to slip away.

The film is showing at the Landmark’s Clay Theatre on Saturday, October 24 at 6:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased here.