On his myspace page, singer/songwriter/rapper Phil Crumar lists Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, early Police (see “not nearly as creepy as Sting playing overlong by himself; see also “extremely tired jokes”), and The Clash on the influence tab. Dag. Here’s a tip. Dig for yourself whether or not this white boy brings, or brings not, the gift of gab out his DC bag. We’re talking about live hip hop, people. Mixed with rock and jazz. Horns and shit! . . . Yeah.

Chances are pretty good he’ll be on his game tonight at the Makeout Room (7:30pm, $7). Anyway, the man keeps righteous company: Kristin Sobditch, famed keyboardist for the now defunct and sorely missed Little Fuzzy, and vocalist/guitarist for SF’s own The Hollyhocks, will be thumping bass for Crumar, a thoroughly hybrid affair it shall prove to be. We all know where the Makeout Room’s at, yes? Inca Silver to open.

[audio:https://www.thebaybridged.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Phil-Crumar-and-the-wonderfuls-So-Delighted.mp3] Phil Crumar and the Wonderfuls – “So Delighted”

“He’s gots hits from side to side like a Maryland blue crab”

— Phil Crumar

“He’ll take you back like Absolom Jones?”

— Chris DeMento