Treasure Island Music Festival

8:56:17 AM: (CC) After one heck of a day yesterday we return for Part 2! Today we will have bloggers John Shea (JS) and Joe Hayes (JH) joining us!

10:47:09 AM: (CC) And we also can’t forget about Brian Davidson (BD) who will be joining all of the editors and writers as well. T minus 74 min. to go.

11:38:17 AM: Line for the bus to get to the island is long, bring your hoodies

11:42:24 AM: (JS) Show is sold out, careful with those scalpers ladies and gents

11:45:01 AM: (BD) A little nippy but no matter, happy to be here! Youth is in full effect

Sleepy Sun

12:00:16 PM: (NB) Bay Areans Sleepy Sun commence day two, funny, because the sun is just starting to wake up!

12:29:52 PM: (JS) And so it begins, Sleepy Sun. Crowd already quite large, especially for this time of day

Sleepy Sun @ The Bridge Stage:

[media id=15 width=400]

12:40:02 PM: (JS) Don’t get run over by the cupcake cars!

(BD) Tommy Guerrero delivers the smooth rhythm of R n B and jazz quite efficiently. Rockin the pink button up and green pants! My man!

12:57:05 PM: (JS) Tommy Guerrero ripping on the main stage, instrumental? Hell yes!

1:07:51 PM: (BVH) Records being set at the Saucony booth. Someone named 22 metallica songs in 30 seconds. Two people swapped pants in 14 secs.

How many ingredients can you name while on a Pogo Stick?[media id=17 width=400] This woman named 33…the current record at TIMF

1:15:20 PM: (JS) A little beatboxing courtesy of Thao & the get down stay down

Drum Circle a la Thao Nguyen:[media id=16 width=400]

1:21:18 PM: (NB) Grizzly Bear’s extensive and magical tools await use of the Bridge Stage

1:53:10 PM: (JS)Ex (and current?) Pavement member Christopher Scott Kannberg playing the tunnel stage w/ Spiral Stairs.

1:57:33 PM: (JH) As the Pavement reunion looms, Spiral Stairs re-emerges in the scene…solid post-bar rock flavor thus far…

2:00:50 PM: (JS) drummers make the best faces

2:23:26 PM: (JH) ESTMZ upcoming…Baroque is the new black?

2:24:02 PM: Spiral stairs playing pavement songs! YES!

2:27:17 PM: (BD) Spiral Stairs playing Pavement! Amazing!

2:36:39 PM: (JS) Bay Bridged Treasure Hunt photo contest winner enjoying his booty

Pacific Art Collective

2:38:19 PM: (BD) Pacific Art Collective is tearing it up! Showcasing the true value of street art. Do not underestimate these dudes (and gal)

2:46:37 PM: (JS) Ferris wheel confessions, coming soon!

2:48:55 PM: (NB) The Walkmen just walked in. Why are they SO sexy?

Edward Sharpe

2:51:32 PM: (JS) Ed Sharpe braving the elements at treasure island, who needs clothes?

3:08:32 PM: (JS) Drummer for the spiral stairs getting ready to enjoy Vetiver

3:09:46 PM: (BD) My hopes that it will get sunny are dwindling

3:19:05 PM: (BD) Pirates on stilts drinking beers and jump roping. Awesome right?


3:19:55 PM: (JS) Vetiver takes the stage as it starts to drizzle, very fitting.

3:41:17 PM: (NB) Andy Cabic of Vetiver supports local business; first a shout out to Thai Time, second El Rio as he sings the song of the same name

4:02:41 PM: (JS) Pulled pork sandwich from Maverick, Tasty!

4:05:49 PM: Brian Gorman of Tartufi sitting down to enjoy some Grizzly Bear

4:06:29 PM: (BD) World record for most dips in a dance in one minute. Broken. Eighty five shattered fifty three. Oh yeah!

4:11:49 PM: (JS) Grizzly bear making beautiful noises

Grizzly Bear

4:14:03 PM: (JS) Blast off in the pirate spaceship

4:26:53 PM: (CC) A man dressed as Santa in the crowd loves throwing confetti for Grizzly Bear. It does wonders with this wind.


4:32:47 PM: (JS) A little bit of art with your music sir?

4:33:27 PM: (ML) Grizzly Bear just coaxed the sun out!

4:58:49 PM: (BD) The almighty Bob Mould! Still rockin it solid! A classic voice.

Bob Mould

5:11:51 PM: (BD) Mould is now a resident of sf, ‘so i guess this is my first local gig’

5:35:03 PM: (ML) Ain’t no trumpet like a beirut trumpet. Its so jubilant!

5:42:29 PM: (BD) even busted out some husker du.

6:07:31 PM: (BD) The indie mart has been hoppin all day! From koozies to skirts, they seem to have it all.

6:14:26 PM: (BD) Santa Clause is the last person i expected to make it out today. Must be his day off.

6:34:57 PM: Beirut is music to make babies to

6:37:25 PM: (BD) The sun goes down and the multi-colored street lights come on.

6:38:19 PM: (NB) A packed stage for the Walkmen!

The Walkmen

8:07:04 PM: (BD) The Decemberists are showing all how it’s done.

8:37:09 PM: (BD) Dance party going on at the carnival!

9:04:58 PM: (BD) The Flaming Lips are seconds away from stealing the show

9:22:51 PM: (NB) The Flaming Lips entourage includes Mew the Pokemon, hopping about in a cape

9:57:47 PM: (BD) Show stolen.

11:53:37 PM: Yo La Tengo, absolutely killed, absolutely