Treasure Island Music Festival
8:36:23 AM: (CC) Today we have several staff covering the festival for you – Meghan Logue (ML), Jake Butler (JB), and editors Christian, Ben, and Nicole

8:37:33 AM: (CC) We will also have photos, videos, and more being updated to the site as it happens at the festival – so stay tuned!

10:59:54 AM: ML: so stoked for day one!! Looking forward to girl talk and MSTRKRFT among others!

11:04:03 AM: (JB) listening to some Living Legends getting amped for Murs. Rumor is we might see some guest spots from Grouch, Eli, and the gang

12:24:52 PM: (BVH) Limousines starting the day. “Very Busy People” getting the growing crowd moving.

12:26:41 PM: (CC) Added bonus this year: video screen is back on the main stage.


1:00:04 PM: (CC). Cupcake cars definitely driving through the crowd.

Crown City Rockers
Crowd for Crown City Rockers

1:29:28 PM: (BVH) “Safe drugs, safe sex. Drink lots of water.” Sound advice from Murs. Songs from 3:16 still sound great.

1:51:21 PM: (NB) Dan Deacon is venerating the Bay, donning a Steve Young jersey!! What a stud

1:58:07 PM: (JS) gold sequins and disco balls: whut?! Such a young crowd today, I see now why it sold out.

2:38:17 PM: (CC) Ferris Wheel Confessions have begun.

2:43:13 PM: (ML) Got here just in time for federico aubele! That guitar sounds gorgeous!

2:48:16 PM: (ML) can’t tell if the main stage announcer is affecting a pirate accent or just british but I LIKE IT!

2:48:54 PM: (NB) ferris wheel confessions have started! Come sign up for a free ride and confess your festival secrets to us on video 😉

2:52:03 PM: (JB) the crowd is deep for passion pit! Looks like everyone is looking forward to their set as much as I am

2:53:04 PM: Large crowd for Passion Pit, kicking off with “Make Light” off Manners.

Passion Pit @ TIMF 2009:

[media id=10 width=400]

2:55:59 PM: (ML) is there some harvard school of being in an awesome indie pop band that passion pit went to? I want to study there.

3:04:58 PM: (ML) crowd is so amped for PP’s little secrets. Sold out crowd bouncing up and down!

3:10:12 PM: (ML) Treasure Island is where the wild things are!

3:21:00 PM: (BVH) Robots and dirty carnival games… Video coming soon.

Carney Games at TIMF 2009:[media id=14 width=”400″]

3:37:21 PM: One dude already crowdsurfing before Dan Deacon’s set. Deacon begins by showing the crowd a dance from the future. Then mayhem ensues.

3:38:39 PM: He also has at least 10 people on stage which he dubbed “The Dan Deacon Ensemble”.

3:37:21 PM: One dude already crowdsurfing before Dan Deacon’s set. Deacon begins by showing the crowd a dance from the future. Then mayhem ensues.

3:38:39 PM: He also has at least 10 people on stage which he dubbed “The Dan Deacon Ensemble”.

3:53:49 PM: (ML) Dan Deacon sponsored dance-off at tunnel stage!

3:57:46 PM: (ML) Dan Deacon is about 80x cooler live.

3:59:41 PM: (JB) The Big Nazo Gwar/Alien/Mutated Diver crew complement Deacon’s quirky sense of fun perfectly. And it’s a dance off at the tunnel stage!

Dan Deacon
Dan Deacon Set @ Tunnel Stage

4:03:26 PM: (ML) Crazy crowd dance at Dan Deacon.

4:14:54 PM: (JB) need a break from the music? Check out the Gnogurzauchsoff’s free midway back by the art. Brought to you by SF’s own Scene 2

Aliens in the Midway:[media id=11 width=400]4:31:40 PM: (JS) Backstage streaking. Man in control top panty hose. Totally awesome.

The Streets @ The Bridge Stage[media id=12 width=400]

4:35:21 PM: (BVH) Mike Skinner and band start strong with “turn the page” and “fit but you know it”.

The Streets @ TIMF
The Streets

4:40:02 PM: (BVH) MS on the “two sides of the SF coin:” “you look very fashionable, but you also look like you’d look good with your clothes off.”

Circus Creatures

4:53:14 PM: Get your fortune told at the circus!

5:23:05 PM: (ML) diggin the ‘hotel california’ sample by dj krush.

5:23:10 PM: (JB) Mike and the Streets killed it with their Blinded by the Lights remix, making everyone get low

6:08:50 PM: (ML) Who could arge with lyrics like “we just want to have a good time/tonight!”? Not me!

6:34:05 PM: (ML) Waiting in line for ferris wheel confessions!

7:05:54 PM: (BVH) The sun is now down, and LTJ Bukem has the drum and bass fans bugging out.

7:09:43 PM: (ML) just bared my musical soul to TBBs very own Nicole. LTJ Bukem on the tunnel stage now and it is packed!

7:15:41 PM: (ML) in my three years of attending TI, I have never seen so many people here!

7:37:01 PM: (ML) there is a pirate rave in front of the ferris wheel.

7:48:04 PM: (ML) pirate rave still going strong into MSTRKRFTs set. Which sounds awesome.


7:49:21 PM: (JB) MSTRKRFT has a crowd proabably 2x Justice’s last year and everyone is pumping their fists in the air. F’n beautiful

7:52:24 PM: (ML) and by that I mean that mstrkrft sounds awesome, not the pirate rave. That’s more of a visual delight.

7:53:20 PM: (BVH) MSTRKRFT WTF! So this is how you make nerds dance: unrelenting beats and analog bleeps.

8:04:42 PM: (ML) tunnel stage is already so crowded for girl talk. Eep!

8:06:22 PM: (ML) so crowded that I just felt somebody elses phone vibrate.

8:16:23 PM: (JB) Paying tribute to last year’s headliner, MSTRKRFT is spinning their version of D.A.N.C.E.

8:32:26 PM: (ML) about to get my face melted with girl talks pop mashups!

8:34:54 PM: (ML) ppl singing along to MSTRKRFTs queen sample all the way at the other stage.

8:48:45 PM: Good drugs update: It’s almost 9 and there are still hundreds of dudes with no shirts on. Go on with it, bro.8:51:15 PM: (BVH) Until now, I didn’t realize they had invented a toilet paper firearm.

9:00:49 PM: (BVH) War Pigs and Ludacris: two great tastes that go great together, thanks to Girl Talk.

9:26:40 PM: Girl Talk ends with fireworks. MGMT begin playing their entire album for the set.

Girl Talk

9:33:16 PM: (ML) fireworks behind biggie meets elton definitely melted my face.

MGMT @ The Bridge Stage:[media id=13 width=400]

9:45:59 PM: (ML) MGMT shredding the hell out of ‘kids’