Photos by: Agata Kamler

Wednesday night isn’t your typical marquee night when it comes to going to see a show. Let’s face it.. it’s the middle of the week and you’re probably getting beat up at work, but those who were vigilant enough to strike it out to the Hemlock on Wednesday were treated to a all-around fantastic night of music.

First off, Osage Orange from Vermont took the stage. A bunch of horns and an accordion played accompaniment to the usual guitar, bass, drum. The band sounded like something out of the old-world maritime tradition with a little pop sensibilities thrown in for good measure.


Next, Emily Jane White took to the stage with her violinist and cellist. Her music is devastatingly beautiful and sincere, and though she mentioned that playing the Hemlock is always a challenge because they never have a sound check, they sounded amazing regardless. The EMJ band is like a comfortable desolation, or some kind of solemn beauty. It had a room full of drunkards brought to a dead silence, slack-jawed at what was going down in front of them.


Finally, as the night wore on, The Mumlers took the stage to a packed house. They kicked things off with “Shake That Medication” and rolled through the set. While they might be just coming off the release of their newest album Don’t Throw Me Away(Galaxia), the night had a good mix of new and old songs throughout. The highlights were definitely “Red River Hustle”, “Coffin Factory”, and the encore “Don’t Throw Me Away.”

The music, especially live, is something out of an older time… I kept finding myself wishing I had a glass of whiskey and a smoke. Some of the songs remind you of Tom Waits, and then all of a sudden you’re listening to a 50’s crooner at club. It’s really something to see these guys perform too. The stage at the Hemlock is pretty small, so it was funny watching The Mumlers up there trying to do their thing while constantly having to remain aware of their fellow band-mates.


They’ll be leaving on their first ever U.S. tour with The Black Heart Procession this month.