Frisco Freakout 2009 poster

The Bay Area’s thriving psych scene comes together at Thee Parkside this Saturday for the second annual Frisco Freakout. The all day, all ages event looks to continue last year’s tradition of assembling a bunch of great bands, with performances by Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound, Barn Owl, Wooden Shjips, Citay, 3 Leafs, Liquorball With Steve Mackay (of The Stooges), Heavy Hills, Lumerians, Powell St John & The Aliens, Magic Lantern, and Sun Araw.

Like last year’s fest, this one’s also a benefit for local arts organization Creativity Explored, which “enables adults with developmental disabilities to express themselves artistically in a way that is personally rewarding and appreciated by others. We work to enrich the community by increasing awareness of the value and diversity of artistic expression.”

[audio:] Wooden Shjips – “For So Long”

[audio:] Barn Owl – “Voice of the Other”

If you’re heading to the Freakout, you’ll have a chance to grab Frisco Freakout 10-11-08, a limited edition live compilation tape featuring highlights from last year’s fest, including Earthless, Wooden Shjips, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, Crystal Antlers, Greg Ashley, The Bad Trips, Sequin Trails, and Ascended Master. Check out this track from the tape, courtesy of Art Lessing & The Flower Vato:

[audio:] Art Lessing and the Flower Vato – “Def Lezbian” (Live at Frisco Freakout 2008)

1:30pm-2am (schedule here), $15, all ages. Buy advanced tickets from Thee Parkside