Hawnay Troof

[audio:https://www.thebaybridged.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/hawnaytroof_andi.mp3] Hawnay Troof – “And I”

Oakland’s Hawnay Troof wants you in his next video. “And I” is a catchy electro jam from the upcoming Daggers At The Moon (out October 22 on Retard Disco). Here’s the pitch:

Here’s the deal: go out and film yourself and your friends partying, breaking shit, going nuts, etc… WHATEVER you feel like doing, all to the song “And I.” Hawnay Troof will select the best footage and cut it to together to create the final montage masterpiece “And I” music video. Everyone whose footage is used will be credited. This first-ever Hawnay Troof fan video concept is keeping in the grand old “Community” tradition that the band has always stood for and continues in the same vein as last year’s “RMX Projections” competition.

Anyone who’s ever attended a Hawnay Troof show (if not, check this out: Flickr) knows what an amazing and communal experience they are. That’s what we want to recreate here!

Videos have to be submitted by October 22nd; details are here and here.