Chris Garneau – “We Don’t Try” (La Blogotheque session)

For a guy whose music has been featured in a bunch of TV shows, I’m a little shocked that Chris Garneau isn’t closer to a household name, but it’s probably because his chamber pop is as emotionally intense as it is compelling. This is an artist who was recommended to Absolutely Kosher Records by Xiu Xiu, after all, even though the Brooklyn-based performer never approaches that band’s level of histrionics. In any event, Garneau’s not at the Sufjan level of familiarity yet, which means you can and should see him headline at Cafe Du Nord next Tuesday, September 15th.

[audio:] Chris Garneau – “No More Pirates”

[audio:] Chris Garneau – “Not Nice”

The always-enchanting Emily Jane White kicks off the show. White’s been working on a new record this year, and is a magnetic live performer. New York singer-songwriter Christina Courtin also performs. 8:30pm, $12, 21+.