The Lovemakers
When I heard about The Lovemakers‘ second full-length album, its title, and the band’s turbulent history of personal and record label relationships, the opening monologue of High Fidelity immediately jumped into my head.   I expected “thousands, literally thousands of songs about heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery and loss.”

I was way off base.  Despite the fact that the Lovemakers are no longer ahem, love-making, they’re still churning out tunes as high-energy and fist-pump inducing as ever.  Sure, Let’s Be Friends does feature the occasionally unhappy topic – the decision to become the ever-dreaded ‘just friends’ – and it opens with a track entitled “Love Is Dead,” but the instrumentation never belies the darker themes. Let’s Be Friends could be likened to Andrew WK and Ok Go recording together but with a dark-haired vixen working the mic. The Lovemakers’ aggressively poppy but not overly-syrupy cuts are an inspiration to those going through romantically trying times.

Pick up the album today on iTunes, where the Lovemakers have also been honored as the free “Single of the Week,” or get it at your local record store next Tuesday. They will be playing The Independent this Friday (9pm, $15-17) with Jonas Reindhardt, and Live 105’s DJ Miles. The night’s also a release party for Lisa Nola’s Music Listography book.