Birdmonster - Blood Memory cover

September is a crazy month for new CDs from Bay Area bands, and Birdmonster, Why? and Wallpaper. all have new releases out Tuesday, September 22nd. Check out new songs from all three groups below.


[audio:] Themselves & Why? – “Canada” (unreleased; Eskimo Snow comes out 9/22; ThemselvesCrownsDown comes out 10/20)

The deal: “With an intertwining history between the two groups, dating back to cLOUDDEAD, it’s no surprise that the members of WHY? and Themselves are still friendly and fans of each other’s work – the two bands went into the studio awhile back to lay down this special collaborative track which features all of the members of both groups and vocals from Doseone and Yoni Wolf. Both bands have amazing new LPs out on Anticon in the coming months – WHY?’s Eskimo Snow and Themselves’ CrownsDown…… enjoy!”


[audio:] Birdmonster – “Yuma” (from Blood Memory, out 9/22)

The deal: “A year later while starting work on a new batch of ideas, we thought we’d revisit those sessions and see if there was anything there…anything that had miraculously congealed, on its own, in our absence. What we found amid the sketches and b-sides was a group of 8 tracks of a different nature altogether. It was something darker, something more perilous, more narrative, more conceptual than any of the material we’d thus far released. We found a world desperate for gunfights, confrontations with The Man On High, journeys through ice by way of the desert; a world where the ancient songs flow off your tongue sure as instinct, like memories your ancestors left flowing in your blood. If its predecessor was a stab at something concise and singular, this was a world of extremities; one where loud guitars eventually give way to desperate banjos, settling to a bed of acoustics and messy piano lines. I was left wondering, Could I have intended this all from the start?” (via


[audio:] Wallpaper. – “Doodoo Face” (from Doodoo Face, out 9/22)

The deal: WE DID IT! THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0O0O0O0O0 MUCH to our STREET TEAM, FRIENDS, FAMILY, LABEL, ALL A YALL MOTHAFUCKAS! i got CARPEL TUNNELZ. as promised, a PRESENT for all your hardwork. all i gotta say about it. DONT DO DRUGZ in em STUDIO” (via Cool Genius)