Jucifer, photo by Scott Kincaid courtesy of Relapse Records

Jucifer is the loudest band I’ve ever seen, which is no mean feat. Despite having only two members and no permanent home base (instead proudly proclaiming themselves “nomadic”), the husband-and-wife team truck around a veritable wall of amplifiers, girding the back of the stage in wattage at every gig. Amber Valentine handles guitar and vocals, while skinsman Edgar Livengood plays drums that look more like cauldrons or industrial cable spools, the better to cut through the fuzz. Underscoring Valentine’s elastic, screaming-to-crooning vocals with explosive, digressive doom metal, the pair run roughshod over a dozen genres — the only constant is furious, cacophonous creativity. Their most recent album, L’Autrichienne (Relapse), boasts 20 tracks of the duo’s multifarious brand of mayhem — it’s so good I can spell the title without looking it up.

[audio: http://shop.relapse.com/dbmedia/audio/Jucifer_-_Hennin%20Hardine2.mp3] Jucifer – “Hennin Hardine”

Appearing in support are SF cello-prog heavies Grayceon, whose eerie melodies, cascading 16th-note grooves, and grand-scale arrangements make classification difficult. Openers Flood favor a more traditional fuzzed-out, syrup-slow approach, shouting vocals over psychedelic, flanging effects and percussion thunder.

Show is at 8pm, Thursday night at Annie’s Social Club (917 Folsom).