T-shirt by: Matthew Fleming
September is upon us and we are thrilled to unveil our latest new banner in our Artist in Residence series! For the next two months we have the amazing work of Matthew Fleming gracing the top of our website; the piece above is black ball-point pen on paper.

Fleming is originally from Milwaukee where he received two BFA’s: one in Drawing & Painting, and a second in Graphic Design. (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) After working in the Milwaukee area for a while he moved out to Oakland last April and has been working from his apartment since then.

I like to take a unique approach to each project I do, so I don’t really have one specific style of design or illustration. I feel that keeps things fresh, and it’s a learning experience each time since a lot of it is done by hand.

Lately he has been working on a series of bicycle-related t-shirts and he’s also found himself designing a lot of band merch and anything else he can get his hands on.

Check out his portfolio over at BlackT-shirt.com