Leopold & His Fiction

Ever listen to Vetiver’s To Find Me Gone or Devendra’s Cripple Crow and wonder what magical thing these albums have in common, aside from being pioneering works of the contemporary San Francisco folk sound? It’s Thom Monahan, producer out of The Hangar Studios in Sacramento. There’s soon to be a new addition to Monahan’s list of endemic masterpieces – he’s been trusted by Leopold & His Fiction with the task of recording their next full-length.

As if Leopold & His Fiction isn’t already well-established, seeping rock-hard melody and gritty psychedelia, the band has really upped the ante in anticipation of their third record with new members. Those at Regional Bias witnessed what’s to come in the near future of the band, regenerated with Micayla Grace (bass) and Jon Sortland (drums), both pictured above. The pair further electrify the overall stage presence and solidify the blend of “Detroit garage rock, Grass Valley folk and Western darkness.”


Leopold & His Fiction – “Come Back”

Monahan’s fingers have touched not only fantastic local works, but also bigger names like Little Joy, Matt Pond PA, Lavender Diamond and most recently Au Revoir Simone. No doubt a great opportunity for Leopold, who’s playing two SF shows as summer turns to fall:

9/16: The Rickshaw Stop with Pete Bernhard (Devil Makes Three), Erin Brazill

10/10: Bottom of the Hill with Metronomy, Fool’s Gold