Nostalgic albums — they cause the ear to tingle upon the first note of the first song and once soundtracked every moment of a period of your life. Call them crazy, but a group of local talent had the valiant idea of giving Weezer’s Pinkerton a public genuflect at Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night with two more Bay Area acts: Wendy Darling and The Definite Articles (9pm, $10). If half-Japanese girls are your thing or maybe you’re just tired of sex altogether, there’s at least one song for you. The headliners will perform the 1996 masterpiece from start to finish, reconsidering those pounding questions like “but what could you possibly see in little ol’ three-chord me?”

The “supergroup” is comprised of Bay Area musicians and close friends, each of them in too many bands to list: Lewis Patzner and Jon Bush (Judgement Day, Sorry Mom and Dad) Eric Kuhn (Silian Rail, Built for the Sea), Ben D (The Trophy Fire) and Jon Devoto (The Matches, now Bird By Bird). Says Patzner, the idea was conceived in a van headed toward LA on the Dredg/Judgement Day tour. Someone put Pinkerton on the stereo, and what started as a car ride of appreciation quickly turned to a “what if” and “why not” sort of discussion, concluding with a scheduled evening at Bottom of the Hill!

Aside from the overall enjoyable qualities that should produce a fun night for the band and audience alike, Kuhn renders a deeper meaning behind Pinkerton – that it reflects a time when it was customary among friends to listen to an album for a whole month. Conversely, he says, contemporary music culture has moved away from being “album-oriented” and in the direction of  deconstructing whole works via one-song downloads and digital mixes. And on a lighter note, Kuhn sees it like any coming of age record, so truthfully offering the perspective of someone “with their head way up their ass about relationships and girls.”

Wendy Darling and The Definite Articles promise a track or two from the =w= catalog as well. Be there by 9pm with $10, or be a pink triangle!