Hélène Renaut -- Photo by Danielle Rubi

Hélène Renaut‘s many musical talents have led her to involvement in a number of different local projects over the years. String arrangements and violin work for Papercuts and Willow Willow, piano, violin and vocals for Donovan Quinn, and vocals for Honeycut add up to a lengthy resume, but she’s also a very talented Bay Area singer-songwriter in her own right. In June, Renaut contributed “Bumblebee” to Autumn Ferment Records‘ first Seasonal Sevens split, celebrating the season of summer with some lush psychy folk recorded by Papercuts’ Jason Quever.

Here’s Renaut performing the song at the Make-Out Room, but I’d also recommend heading to her MySpace page for the studio take:

Hélène Renaut – “Bumblebee”

You can see her tonight at a SMiLE! show at The Knockout. Chelsea Wolfe, J. Irvin Daily and Upstairs Downstairs perform, with DJ Neil Martinson on the decks. 9pm, $7, 21+.