Dame Satan -  Photo by: Katherine Levin

[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Dame_Satan_Show.mp3[/podcast] This week, our podcast features Dame Satan, a San Francisco band mixing acoustic folk, electrified blues and psychedelic textures into some epic rock compositions. Their 2005 debut Ghost Mansion–named after the home the members shared which doubled as the recording location–offered a stripped-down, acoustic-driven blend of American rock sounds. The band reached another level, however, with 2008’s Beaches and Bridges, which was recently released digitally on Origami Music. The songs on their latest album often sound like they’re from another universe, but it’s a fully realized, detail-rich universe, and the work has justly received very favorable reviews.

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There’s a very natural feel throughout Beaches and Bridges that’s somewhat deceptive given the considerable studio time spent on its creation. After lengthy sessions with Last of the Blacksmiths‘ Nigel Pavao, the band found themselves with layers and ideas to spare. It’s to their credit that the songs’ textured grooves and sprawling melodies are front and center, with more ethereal and heady touches supporting to give the album its otherworldly feel. With successful touring behind the release under their belts, the guys are eager to return to the studio to capture their latest jams.

We sat down with the Dame Satan guys at The Bay Bridged Studio recently to discuss the group’s origins and where they’re moving next after Beaches and Bridges. We’ve also included four songs in the episode from several of the band’s releases.

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– Visit Dame Satan on MySpace and at their web site, where you can stream Beaches and Bridges.

– Purchase Dame Satan’s albums from Ghost Mansion and pick up Beaches and Bridges on iTunes.

– Check out videos at Ghost Mansion’s YouTube page.