American Steel - photo by Chrissy Piper
American Steel blew the roof off Bottom of the Hill Friday night with the help of a nearly full house of friends and plenty of beer. Nothing Cool opened the show with their own brand of 90’s pop-punk, scorching with fast-paced guitar licks and raunchy vocals. When the band wasn’t cranking out the tunes, they were hard at work telling ball jokes.

What followed was almost a complete contrast. The New Trust took the stage shortly after the end of the set, setting up quickly and eager to play. Their set presented a well-balanced mix of newer material with a few of their older favorites, such as “Live Like You Meant It” and “I’m a Sucker for Backwards Drums.” The band also performed a brand new track, which frontman Josh Staples had informed me the night before will be on their next release, currently a work in progress. The crowd was awake by now and ready for more, emphasized by some attempted crowd surfing.

American Steel took the stage about a quarter past midnight to an energetic group of music lovers. A rather appropriate song to open with, “Emergency House Party” made its way into the ears and nervous systems of every person in the room. By the third song, “Dead and Gone”, the majority of the crowd was no longer standing still. I was almost sure that by the end of the night, the Bottom of the Hill would be no more; thankfully I was wrong. Steel’s set featured a huge range of new and old cuts and a guest spot by Staples on “Your Ass Ain’t Laughin Now.” The show, in the end, went off without a snag. Amidst all of the spilled beer and sweat, the night probably could not have gone any better.