The Lickets
The Hemlock changes its pace Tuesday with a bill of ethereal pysch-folk and ambient groups; and it’s justifiable to abandon your Vashti records for an evening with The Lickets, Caroline Weeks (London) and Corridor (LA) (9pm, $7). The local headliners have just finished up two new records, Arrow of Expanding Light and Clairvoyant Perception of the Unseen Unicorn, reflecting Empyrean style folk sure to satisfy the followers of Vespers, Jana Hunter and so on.

[audio:] The Lickets – “Clairvoyant Perception of the Unseen Unicorn”

Supporting act Caroline Weeks has just embarked on her first solo effort, Songs for Edna (Manimal Vinyl), which is dark and fragile, yet more guitar-strong than her primary act, Bat For Lashes. Weeks’s eerie, shrill application of poetry by Edna St. Vincent-Millay over minimal folk arrangements is sure to satisfy the lovers of Espers or Jana Hunter.