The Odd Nosdam/Themselves show last Saturday at Bottom of the Hill was an awesome blend of ambient tunes and hip hop. Local artist Bre’r led the crowd easily into Odd Nosdam’s set with spaced out, almost drone-like beats. Odd Nosdam’s set was all distorted rhythm, repetitious breaks and bass heavy enough to disrupt bodily functions.  As Jel joined in for the second half of Odd’s sonic acrobatics, things sounded more frenetic. Nosdam was all soundscapes and obscured samples, no spectacle and no frills.

Themselves – “Rapping 4 Money Feat. Why?, cLOUDDEAD”

Themselves represent the flipside of Jel’s solo music. The beats were still glitchy yet this time overlayed with Doseone’s mostly incomprehensible lyrics.  Dose, the showman of the two, engaged the crowd with a riff on things babies are f**cking good for: teaching to read, pinching their cute cheeks, administering baby oil to. Lyrics came at the audience faster than the pitch of a used car salesman with mile-a-minute hand gestures to match.

Blending glitchy electronica with fast-paced lyrics, wearing coordinated vests, getting a room full of indie kids to even think about dancing and generally not giving a damn sets these guys apart in the hip hop industry. Lyrics with a slightly surreal touch that go far afield of the standard cliches don’t hurt, either.