The Scarecrows

What, you don’t dance at shows? Tut tut. Maybe you’ve never tasted the earthen hash they call TV Mike and the Scarecrows? With one foot in the same Bay Area bayou that the Fogerty boys once trod, and the other foot in, well, the same Bay Area bayou that birthed The Dead, these mostly-Hoosier transplants aren’t afraid to stir up a barn-burner regardless of what hipster might be in earshot.

And speaking of transplants, headlining this night at Café du Nord (8pm, $10) are ex-South Carolinians A Decent Animal, whose own dark gumbo goes well with the likes of 16 Horsepower, Band of Horses, and, for that matter, Crazy Horse. As of press time the third band on tonight’s bill, an outfit calling themselves Thank You, had not provided any links to their music via the du Nord site. This means that it may or may not be the band on Thrill Jockey.

[audio:] TV Mike and the Scarecrows – “Paint the Town”

Doors 7pm/Show 8pm