maus haus
Never did review their 2008 LP (but wanted to), which comprises a lot of what they’ll be playing tomorrow night, here goes, in brief:

On a scale of one to eight, I’d rate maus haus‘s Lark Marvels, right off, at a boppin’ seven. At a certain distance, recognize a consistent discord in the synth, layered over summary, we-heart-pop drumming that results in an effective quarrel, noises impossible to ignore, like brothers coming to blows in a bedroom, and who gets first dibs on the brown-haired babe with the bob do anyway? But pick the music apart, dive into any couple of measures, and you’ll have all the wackiness that you need in the drum lines, unmasked intention in the synth, and bass, not so much in the way the rhythms are played, but in how these consonantal variants are conveyed: sounds like a Vic Firth against the side of a floor tom over here, and over there you’ll have a modified Rock Band drum brain hissing like an anti-disconfused, high-hat gyroscope. Or maybe they just used Reasonâ„¢ and decided, hey, “Age before beauty, pass me a MIDI pedal,” and by the time you get to “Reaction,” the fifth track on Lark Marvels, you’ll know they spend more time listening to the Eels or the Books than Herbie Hancock. . . .

[audio:] maus haus – “We Used Technology (But Techology Let Us Down)”

If you’ve seen them, you’ll agree that all of this will indeed translate to the live performance at Bottom the Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night. They’re sort of young, and they’re decent-looking enough for a garage pop outfit if you ask me, and there will be horns! Some say the best garage pop band in SF.

There promises to be brand new material as well (an added enticement to go to the show if you haven’t seen them yet), heavy enough for the WoS effect (Wall of Sound) without being overwrought, effort in the product, yes, but no sign of Phil Spector, really. If not a restitution for San Francisco of its beloved psychedelia, the music of maus haus is, at the very least, a potent brain food upon which you can munch and groove.

maus haus w/ Rainbow Arabia and Pierre Le Robot

Saturday, July 25, Bottom of the Hill, 17th and Texas

all ages, 9.30, $10