Maybe it’s just like, your opinion man, but a national summerlong tour should only be granted to the best film in history. Catch the celebration at the Fox Theatre, it’s on us! We’re giving away two pairs of tickets for the Saturday movie party featuring the sexual overtones of Har Mar Superstar (7:30pm, $22.50). To enter send an email to with your full name and address and the phrase “I Love Lebowski” in the subject line. Entries 4 and 5 will win a pair of tickets each and the winners will be notified via E-mail.

Friday is a chance to enter the round robin at the Lebowski Fest bowling party at Classic Bowl in Daly City (900 King Plaza, 8pm, $28 in advance). The evening includes special guest Liam Hoosier and would be incomplete without costumes, trivia, and a cowboy at the bar (most likely). Just don’t go over the line, and you’ll come out alive.

More information about the local festivities is on the official website.