Or, The Whale – Never Coming Out – Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

There’s been a lot of news emerging from the Or, the Whale camp recently. The band just redid its MySpace page and posted a couple of songs off their upcoming second album. Or, the Whale (the album) comes out September 22nd on Seany Records, and we predict big things to happen for the charismatic country-rock septet in its wake. You can get another taste of the new songs in the session they recently did for Luxury Wafers, and have a couple of chances to catch them in the Bay later this month.

Honesty demands that we note the Thursday, July 30th show at the Starry Plough, with El Olio Wolof and Mikael Jorgensen, but we really, really hope you come check out a special acoustic set from the group at Regional Bias: A Celebration of Bay Area Music and Culture to Benefit The Bay Bridged on Friday, July 31st at the Verdi Club. Like the rest of the groups performing that night, Or, the Whale put on a consistently amazing live show and the new batch of songs sound terrific.